Interna i Medycyna Rodzinna is a medical specialty that provides constant and comprehensive health care for the patient and his family. The scope of GP practice includes patients in the diagnosis and treatment of internal diseases. An internist will conduct general examinations, diagnose and treat the condition. If necessary, he will refer the patient to a specialist doctor.

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ul. Kamionkowska 41/3
03-812 Warszawa, Praga Południe


+48 785 17 08 71

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pon. – piąt. 10:00 – 19:00
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MediWell Clinic

Irlandia, Dublin: NDIA, DUBLIN:
Polska Przychodnia Rodzinna (Family Health Care Clinic)
Unit 3, Block E, Thundercut Alley (ulica boczna on Queen Street), Dublin 7


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Monday – Saturday