About me

MediWell Beauty is a small aesthetic medicine practice that was established in 2013. The heart of the company is in Warsaw’s Praga district, where I spend most of my time. Once a month I work in Dublin, serving ladies of different nationalities, it gives me great pleasure.

MediWell Beauty is a place where I do the treatments myself, there is peace and quiet here. You won’t find me chasing seasonal trends, but conscious beauty care and facial modeling. I try to remove the signs of aging without changing the appearance of my patients. You won’t find with me discount actions, fighting for customers with price, because I want patients to choose me for my skills and personality, and come back to me for years. I care about the quality and safety of the products I give you. The products I work on, for example, Teosyal or Nuceofil by Cromy, are high-end products. That is why their price is slightly higher than the usual hyaluronic acid available on the market.

My qualifications are as follows: I am a doctor, I graduated from medical school in 1996 in Lublin. In 1999, I defended my doctoral thesis in the field of gynecology and obstetrics entitled: “Evaluation of antioxidant status in preeclamptic pregnancies”. At that time I worked in the department of gynecology and obstetrics. Then I worked in the department of internal medicine for several years (this was the so-called: giggle of fate). I was also involved in research on new drugs, I worked 10 years as Project Director coordinating early phase, phase I and phase II studies.

In 2012, my dentist told me to settle down and get into aesthetic medicine, and his advice was salutary. After completing postgraduate studies in aesthetic medicine in 2013, I founded an aesthetic gabient and that’s how MediWell Beauty came into being. Today you can say that the company is a family business, my husband Przemek is the voice of the reception desk and manager of the entire office, orders product, keeps an eye on supplies. Agnieszka, on the other hand, is the fantastic voice of social media, she is the one who makes sure that our facebook and instagram reflect the spirit of our gabient.

MediWell Beauty

ul. Kamionkowska 41/3
03-812 Warszawa, Praga Południe


+48 785 17 08 71

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pon. – piąt. 10:00 – 19:00
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