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Aesthetic gynecology improves the appearance of the intimate area, repairs postpartum damage, enhances women’s sexual experience. Thanks to aesthetic gynecology women improve their physical comfort, return to sexual activity. Aesthetic gynecology is used in cases of stress urinary incontinence after pregnancies and childbirths, labia majora hypertrophy and tendency to infections of intimate places. It includes treatments performed with laser, micro-needle radiofrequency, hyaluronic acid. We invite you to our office.

List of treatment

Treatment of stress urine incontinence

Stress urine incontinece symptoms. Aesthetic Gynecology, Warsaw

Stress urinary incontinence affects many women. Age, hard physical work, causes lowering of the pelvic floor and urinating during physical effort, laughing, sneezing. Symptoms of stress urinary incontinence are very troublesome , that is why we try to help them by using laser treatments and cross-linked hyaluronic acid in our Warsaw office.

Stress urinary incontinence treatment with hyaluronic acid, Warsaw, dr Marta Skoczylas

Stress urinary incontinence symptoms can be corrected by strengthening the pelvic floor through Kegel muscle exercises (either with beads or electric currents). This is done by trained physiotherapists. If the severity of the symptoms is greater, the exercises alone are not enough, therefore we use the hyaluronic acid injections to support the urethra. Hyaluronic acid (dense one) stabilize the urethra on the front wall of the vagina and helps to reduce the symptoms of stress urinary incontinence.

Stress urine incontinence treatment with CO2 laser. Aesthetic Doctor, Warszawa, MediWell Beauty

Another method of stress urinary incontinence treatment is the use of fractional CO2 laser. This method is more invasive than hialuronic acid. Laser causes the controlled damage to the vagina walls in order to remodel vagina, thicken it. The urethra lies directly on the front wall of the vagina, so the stronger vagina  supports the urethra, patient has less symptoms of stress urinary incontinence. The urethra is supported strongly by vagina, positioned high, urine does not leak. However, it is worth to  introduce those treatment methods quite early, when diease is not developed. In the case of very serious stress urine incontinence, the only treatment is surgical treatment, involving the sewing of bands to stabilize the bladder and pelvic floor.

Microneedle radiofrequency, stress urinary incontinece treatment. Aesthetic Gynecology, Warsaw, vagina narrowing, Dr Marta Skoczylas

Micro-needle radiofrequency is another procedure used to treat stress urinary incontinence. RF wtih it’s needles damages the vaginal walls, stimulate the vagina muscles with current that flows thru needles. As a result of this damage, the vaginal wall strengthens, supports the urethra more strongly. Routinly we perform 3-4 treatments every month. This is one of the most effective methods with good clinical results.

How much does the stress urinary incontinece treatment costs in Warsaw?  MediWell Beauty

The price of treatment can be found in the price list tab, during the consultation, after examining the patient, the doctor informs the patient about the number of treatments that need to be done.

Plasma Rich Platelet, O-Shot, Orgasmic shot

What does “O-Shot” mean, what is the “Orgasmic Shot” used for? Aesthetic Gynecology, Warsaw

Our body is subject to the aging process, practising aesthetic gynecology we try to slow down the aging process, restore youth. The symbol of youth, elixir of youth is Platelet Rich Plasma. PRP injected into the vulva, clitoris and vagina improves blood circulation in this area, makes it more vascularized, more sensitive to sexual stimulation.

How to improve the womens’ orgasm? Aesthetic Gynecology, Warszawa, Praga Południe

Many women have a decreased appetite for sexual intercourses during the postpartum period, or menopause period. This is due to frequent perineal incisions, perineal tears of vulva and vagina. In case of menopause, women aviod sexual intercourses dye to vagina laxity , vaginal epithelial atrophy. Platelet rich plasma, so called PRP (O-shot) demonstrates many healing properties. First of all, in the post-traumatic period it accelerates wound healing and tissue regeneration. This is important for young women in order to quickly heal postpartum injuries. In mature women platelet rich plasma stimulates the production of new collagen fibres, increasing the elasticity of the vagina and making the clitoris more sensitive to touch. In our office in Warsaw, in Praga Południe district we are at your disposal if you need assistance in this area. Dr Marta Skoczylas. To obtain a permanent effect it is necessary to perform a series of treatments 3-4 treatments every 3 weeks. Thanks to plasma blood circulation and sensitivity to touch improves. Women achieve sexual satisfaction faster.

How much does an “O-shot” costs in Warsaw? Aesthetic Doctor, Warsaw, MediWell Beauty, dr Marta Skoczylas

The price of an O-shot treatment in our Warsaw office can be found in the price list tab.

Labia fillers, labia enlargement with hialuronic acid

Skin fillers for labia majora, hialuronic acid for labia. Aesthetic Medicine, Aesthetic Doctor, Warsaw

The aging process of the body affects the whole body, also vulva area. The labia majora age just after 45 years, they lose their elasticity, become flaccid and wrinkled.  Aesthetic gynecology helps us to take care of intimate areas , among other by proposing to fill the labia with hyaluronic acid. 

 How to prepare for labia filling, how the procedure looks like? Warsaw, Cosmetic Doctor, MediWell Beauty

There is no need for any special preparation for labia filling with hialuronic acid. After medical consultation we invite the patient to the gynecology consulting room to allow doctor to perform the injection. If you are not depilated in your intimate area, we recommend shaving your hair before the visit. The procedure of hyaluronic acid injection is painless. The filler is administered with a thin cannula, under local anesthesia. The doctor ussualy injects 1 ml of hialuronic acid to fill the labia. The hyaluronic acid lasts about a year, then is absorbed by our body.  After the procedure the patient can return to her daily duties, drive a car, go to work. We recommend sexual abstinence for 3-4 days after the procedure. 

How much the labia filling costs in Warsaw? Cosmetic Doctor, Warszawa, MediWell Beauty

The price of the labia fillings procedure can be found in the price list tab. The price is communicated to the patient during the medical consultation.

Enlargement of the "G-point" women orgasm improvement

Enlargement of the “G-point”, women orgasm. 

With age ages the vagina and vulva. Our sensitivity to sexual stimuli decreases. We still want to be young and sexually active (our mind is still young and eager for challenges). To improve the quality of sexual experience, in our office in Warsaw (Dr Marta Skoczylas MediWell Beauty) we perform enlargement of the “G-spot” by injecting it with cross-linked hyaluronic acid or calcium hydroxyapatite. G-spot augmentation is performed both in postpartum women with decreased libido as a result of perinatal trauma, and in menopausal women with slightly decreased sexual desire due to hormonal changes.

Is the “G-point” enlargement a painful procedure, how it the “G-point” enlargement performed? Aesthetic Doctor, Warsaw

The “G-point” augmentation is performed during normal consultation visit. This treatment is not painful as doctor performs it in local anesthesia. Doctor  inject from 1 ml  of cross-linked hyaluronic acid, into the right anatomical point on the  vagina wall.  After the procedure the sexual intercourse is significantly improved. Patients can have intercourse next day after procedure.

How much does the “G-point”  enlargement costs in Warsaw?  MediWell Beauty, Warszawa, Praga Południe, 

The price of the procedure can be found in the price list tab, it depends on the type of product used for the procedure. 

Mons pubis lipolysis and mons pubis lift with Barb 4D threads

What is mons reduction, excess fat on the mons pubis. Warsaw, Aesthetic Doctor, MediWell Beauty

Often a puffy, enlarged mons pubis can negatively influence your self-esteem and confidence. Many women may find they have unwanted protruding from the mons pubis, the others have excess skin, overhanging.. This often occurs due to weight loss or weight gain, undergone pregnancy, or simply from ageing. 

Mons pubis fat dissolving, mons pubis lift. Warszawa, Praga Południe

There are many was to improve the view and performance of the mons pubis. It can be done via plastic surgery, and frankly speaking this is the most effective way of duing this. During one treatment all deficensies are improved once and for all. You can also undergone the surgical liposuction of mons pubis, and this is also very effective way to shape the mons pubis.

If you do not want to undergon surgical procedures we can offer you the fat dissolution with lypolitic substances like Aqualyx. To dissolve excess fat with Aqualyx you have to perform this treatment 2-3 times, it depends from amonunt of fat. Fat is not the only problem of mons pubis, quite often we need to lift it, for this procedure we need to use the Barb 4D medical threads.  

What the fat dissolving procedure looks like, how medical threds are implemented?  Aesthetic Gynecology, Warsaw

Dissolution of pubic fat takes about 30 minutes, is carried out in local anesthesia. The procedure is painless for the patient. After injection you can expect the oedema of mons pubis and its’ enlargement due local inflamation caused by Aqualyx. Oedema will disapear in 3-5 days. Implementation of medical threads is more complicated, it is also done under local anesthesia. We ussualy implement 4-6 threads. After treatment patient can feel small discomfort, for 2 weeks can feel threads pricking. It will dissapear in 2 weeks time.

What is the price for mons pubis lipolysis, mons pubis lift in Warsaw?

The price of the treatment depends on the amount of the fat dissolving product used and in case of the lift number of threads used to lift the mons pubis. Price is given to patient during medical consultation.

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